9 Demonic Gatekeeper and 9 Divine Mothers Series

Good Morning everyone, I apologize for my absence lately with my blogs. I have been extensively training with my mentors and writing my book, “Eastern Star Rising” that has just gone to the Publishers at Gatekeepers Press this past week. I have also finally completed the Demonic Gatekeepers Series of Guided Meditations and have them on Soundwise for sale as a series at https://mysoundwise.com/soundcasts/1683114932145s. I will also be posting them on this site as a series and as individual tracks for sale. My sound engineer DaneHoward Sound Studios did an amazing job with the sound track and I absolutely love his work. We are currently working on the 9 Divine Dark Goddesses series, and I think you will be surprised at who I have chosen, because they are not necessarily who is the typical popular Deities.

Life as a Demonic Magician and a healer is not always easy. I recently spoke with one of my mentors of the struggles of life as a Satanic Healer and how it can be quite turbulent. I laugh looking back, as my company is called Satan’s Eye of The Storm…… Martin McGreggor calmly looked me in the eye and said, “We are not the right hand path, we do not graze like sheep, docile and asking an entity to grant us passage into heaven and healing. We work with Demons, and Goddesses, and Entities of our choosing, we create storms of change and transformation of healing within during our ascent to Godhood to remove stagnation in the cycle of life, he said, we are the Left Hand Path, and we are a turbulent tribe.” I loved that explanation so much. It really resonated with me. He told me to lean into the turbulence and do the shadow work the Demons were presenting me as opportunities as advancement, as lessons, and I laughed because it is exactly what I tell clients and it was exactly what I needed to hear myself. To thy own self be true.

Sometimes we get so caught up in helping others, in finding ways to get through life, we forget we are important too. I was so busy trying to do my job, I was forgetting that oxygen mask and self care was there for me too. I was trying to put everyone and their needs before my own, and that does not work. Work/life balance is there for purpose, it keeps us in harmony with the universe, it allows us to keep the candles lit at both ends, and it allows us to help many instead of a few.

As a healer, I work with broken people, it is not an insult, people come to me with broken hearts, trauma, anger, issues, concerns, situations that need to be amended and I must stay at the top of my game to get them to the top of theirs. For the people who come to me full and simply want more, I must be in peak performance to enable that to happen. My journey this last few months has simply taught me that using my toolbox allows that to happen.

My services are open to anyone, you do not have to be a Satanist, or Left Hand Path to employ my services, I do not try to convert, or steal your soul for Satan. Pathwork, shadow work, it is a journey and my spiritual belief is a tool I use to enable healing. Energy is a powerful thing, and you can use it as a tool or a weapon. In my guided meditation with Lord Asmodeus, we discuss finding your balance and learning when to use love, lust, anger and destruction as each. Empowerment, energy, manifestation, satisfaction, they all come from using your tools as tools or as weapons and it is up to us to decide when to do this and how to do this.

On Walpurgis Knock, several of us united across the realm to do protection rituals and it was an amazing experience. I chose to do a protection and healing ritual. Our path in the Left Hand Path is shifting. The Gatekeepers want change. They demand it. The LHP can no longer be a LHP without integrity, leadership and unity. I invoked the Gatekeepers, the Dark Goddesses, Kali Ma, Nyx, Hecate, Pomba Gira, and the Orisha’s of Santeria, as I was led by my Patron’s Asmodeus and Lucifuge. Azazel and Pomba Gira had led an old friend from Santeria back into my life for this purpose and together the spiritual systems united for an amazingly charged night of protection and healing sent out to the four corners of the world. Choronzon showed up and took possession, and things went from there. It was my second possession and working with Choronzon and I found it quite exciting to work with this Dark Lord of demanding and commanding authority. He had much to say and eventually I will get the video posted, but I am going to wait until AFTER mercury retrograde, because unfortunately, I am one who is drastically effected by mishaps of the electronic nature with the lovely mercury in retrograde. Add it in Taurus? ohhhh it is on and I do not resist, I merely circle the 14th on the calendar and wait it out.

I send love, darkest of light and if you have questions, concerns, drop me an email. I am excited because the LuciaBelia.com site is up and almost fully running and that means the iNLP Hypnosis Satan told me to get certified in means has happened!

Look for more soon, LuciaBelia

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