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About Me

My name is Lucia Belia. I am an Emissary of Satan, a practitioner of Black Magic, a psychic with Clairsentient, Claircognitive, Clairtangient, Clairvoyant, and channeling gifts. I practice many forms of Magick however the majority of my magic is Demonic Magick. For me, Demonick Magick is the strongest, most powerful magick there is. It is also the most satisfying, internal and personal Magick out there. I am a member of the Left Hand Path and follow Satanism. Pathworking, using Sigils and the Ars Goetia is extremely satisfying

I am not here to argue the path, I am here to work and guide, and do not want to hear “Jesus Wept….” Because he did not weep for me. Crying solves nothing and we were taught at an early age to not cry. I am a solutions based person. I find solutions and Magick is a great solution. Satan fell from Heaven? Now, that was a solution to a problem with the myths of Heaven and the Right Hand Path. I can believe in it.

I follow Anton Lavey’s The Satanic Bible and found it to be inspirational and liberating and it changed my life. I am forever grateful to EA Koetting for guiding me to it during a conversation about my path. It is due to EA, and his mentoring that I am even here in this journey following my path and I am truly blessed for his mentoring and guidance. After reading the Bible, and the Satanic Rituals and EA Koetting, I knew I had found my home. The thirst for knowledge and growth had begun and the endless journey to become the best version of me began.  I am currently enrolled in NLP hypnotherapy classes and am excited to add that to the toolbox of options for my clients.

About Us

We as practitioners must always be willing to learn, grow, evolve, demand more of ourselves and free fall into the abyss when called upon. When I got the call to kneel, I knelt, when it was asked of me to fall, I fell. Freely, fabulously, full of anticipation and joy of what was to come.

Our journey on the LHP is ours and at times it can be rocky and overwhelming and that is why I started Satan’s Eye Of The Storm. During my ritual with King Paimon it came to me through channeling that my calmness and lack of fear discussed previously with my mentor was why I needed to be Satan’s Eye Of The Storm, the beacon of Light for those lost in the storm of discovery. The Eye of the Storm is the calmest and safest place. My website and myself will be the port in the storm, a place of discovery, a place to build, a place to destroy that which holds you back when necessary. Growth is not always puppy dogs and sweets. Sometimes it is painful and disruptive.

Here at Satan’s Eye Of The Storm, we offer in a beautiful Revolution, Ritual Magic for Hire,(recorded) Life Coaching, Shadow Work, Readings, both live(zoom, or google meet), telephonic or Email. We offer course work in Breaking Trauma Bonds, Anger Management with holistic Approach and in an Alternative to Medicine approach because we are not therapists, Psychologists or Medical Doctors. We do not take insurance, we can only give assurance that if you do the work, and follow the steps, life does get better. We offer virtual boot camp for life coaching and shadow work.  We will be offering shortly NLP Hypnotherapy as well.  We work with Tarot, psychic gifting, Ritual Magick, pathworking, readings, traditional shadow work and life coaching in an alternative to therapy approach to put our clients on a path to promote a better space.  We are everyday people with psychic gifts who have been through it and did the work ourselves and know the challenges that lay ahead. Traditional Medicine does not work for everyone, and if you prefer that route, awesome. IF you prefer the route we use here, amazing, come on board and book your sessions. I will caution you to do your work, I am a hard task master and take no excuses. Magick, life coaching, shadow work, it only works if you desire it, if you work with it and if you believe in it.

We all have pasts, we have all made mistakes. There is no judgment here, there is nothing I have not heard or possibly done before. When you enter my site, we leave the past behind once it is addressed if that is why you are here and work on today moving forward. We work on mind, body and spirit, this takes time, clarity, endurance, growth, and life lessons. I am here to start you on that path. Whether it be a Ritual for Hire, life Coaching, Shadow Work, hypnosis when available, a reading, or intensive virtual bootcamp or a class to get the ball rolling.

Stay tuned for Retreats starting this summer.

We as humans becoming our own Gods are up for any challenge we set for ourselves. It is our destiny. You came to this port for a reason. Let us reach your full potential together.

“You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame; how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?”  Friedrich Nietzsche

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