Question #1

Is Demonick Magick Dangerous?

No It is powerful but not Dangerous.  Working with Demons is a Left Hand Path work and is different than Pagan or Wiccan Philosophy but it is not dangerous.

Question #2

If I use the hypnosis options you have will I do something while under hypnosis that will embarrass me or that I can get into trouble for later?


No.  While using NLP hypnotherapy you are always in control.  You are not asleep and it is not mindcontrol.  The practitioner is only there to help guide you in this state to where the subconscious mind wants to go.  You do remember everything discussed and you, being in control lead the session.  You, being in control came stop the session at any time by simply opening your eyes.

Question #3

During virtual boot camp, it shows it is 34 hours long.  Am I doing it with others and do you watch me sleep?


Boot camp is tailored to your schedule.  It is one on one sessions it can be spread out over a week, or over a weekend and is broken up with breaks and the only time it is virtual is when we are doing activities and coaching.  Your personal life, eating, sleeping and family time is as it should be, private.  As all therapuetic, and in this case, nontherapuetic treatments, I adhere to confidentiality and do not share confidences nor do I allow non clients to appear on camera without written permissions.

Question #4

Ritual For Hires and how they work.

Many people have misunderstood ritual for hires. I was told a very important detail from my mentor I have chosen to carry forward.  Many practicioners send a photo as proof.  I feel it is important to include the client in the ritual.  

We will discuss your need and your end goal.  You have the choice of being muted and watching the ritual being done and recorded, or you may receive the final video of the ritual being sent to you via electronic transmission,  you may have things you may need to do to follow up and it is important for yu to be linked.  Magick is part desire, part belief and part effort.

Question #5

What is the benefit of shadow work?

Shadow work is extremely beneficial because much of the blocks in our life is based on shame, things we have been taught are wrong, things that we carry as weight when if we accept those things simply as a part of us and not things we spend time and energy hiding, we have a much more powerful, positive and productive life.

Question #6

What does the classes consist of?

The two classes offered now are Breaking Trauma Bonds and Anger Management.  They are done via zoom or google meet, in a book club style where people can be comfortable.  When you sign up for they class you will be sent the book to prepare and the class will be scheduled accordingly.  If there is not enough to make a full class we will do one on one or smaller classes instead of waiting for a full class.  These are not certified classes to be for court, however you can ask the program to get in touch with me and I can see what is required to qualify you to receive the credit needed.

Question #7

How are y0ur readings done?  

I am a clairsentient, claircognizant with clairvoyant.  I do use the Ars Goetia Tarot occasionally but very seldomly. I use divination, pathworking, sigil and spirit guides.

In person, I can do Clairtangient and smell.  I will do your reading via email, phone, google meet or zoom as is your preference.

If you prefer a straight tarot reading, I have staff who I trust to do straight tarot for you.  I do not do straight tarot readings.

Question #8

Why are you more expensive than other sites?

I value my time.  I am constantly training with technique and my craft to get the best results for my clients.  More importantly, I do believe that many out there do not do the work and charge to do nothing,  which is why I send video and not a pretty picture of an alter with a photo on it.  That is not a slam to any practitioner who does the work and sends photos.  There are many who do the work.  I have many years of experience and I have depth and scope and if you would like to go elsewhere, there are no hard feelings.  I wish you the best.