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Pathworking with Prince Sitri

How Pathworking with Prince Sitri can be extremely liberating. For those of us who do pathworking in Magickal practice, you know how liberating it can be to work with the Goetia. I decided to work with Prince Sitri today and it was extremely satisfying to approach him, to work on this pathwork and to follow this sigil into the work I needed to do. He was an amazing and calming influence. He was easy to approach and I found no hesitation to be heard. I found the work peaceful and there was no judgement or “well, why did you not try this?” I have gotten from some….. He was quick to put me at ease and guide me to the solution and willing to use his legion to give me the solution. The vision was fast and while working the path, the scents were heavy and the vision while not as strong visually, they were felt strongly in my heart and head if that makes more sense. I felt him more than seeing him and as a strong clair I felt the clairsensient, my strongest gift and clairalience, which is not my strongest gift, but came out extremely strong today. I have been working to enhance my gifts so it is obviously working however I believe Prince Sitri and his sigil when calling him want you to experience the full dimension of sight, smell and the feel of what he is going to bring to you if he is going to assist. Oddly enough, as a clairvoyant, it did not come out as the movie projector it normally does but more pieces because I believe my heart took over and I knew instinctually in my heart and head that Prince Sitri was so present before I had even asked I smelled the Cedar even though I was burning Dragon’s Blood, I felt him in my 3rd eye so strongly I was blocking the visually sense because the other senses were coming out so strongly crowding the vision sense. I could almost touch him, and Raziel at that point it felt so palpable between them.

Pathworking is an amazing tool to put things to rest and to bring things out. You cannot do Pathwork halfway and I do not suggest doing it on your own unguided if you are unexperienced. You must be fully committed to doing the work and sometimes getting the answers you do not want and pushing forward in spite of it. Magick, especially Demonic Magick is extremely powerful as a tool for healing. It is also not ours to control as much as we want it to be necessarily and like Pandora’s Box sometimes we open the door expecting to get this, but we actually end up with something else entirely different however it is much more suited for us.

Much like Therapy, we go in thinking we need to quit smoking, or our spouse/partner is annoying us, but in the end we accept it is a behavior we are presenting. Pathwork breaks down to the bones. Not what we always think. Sometimes we do pathwork to get something we want and it is granted. Sometimes we do pathwork to get to the truth. Be sure what you do pathwork for. Once it is revealed, or sealed or delivered? It cannot be undone.

I thank Prince Sitri for today, his kindness and generosity and use of his Legion. I know my request was heard, and will be done. I know in my heart and mind so shall it be.

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