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Pathwork with Duke Valefor

Working with Duke Valefor is both liberating and exciting. I had a situation recently where things were very murky and I wanted to liberate the truth and I decided to go to Duke Valefor today. It is his Day. He is known for liberating people from their secrets and lies, for clearing up situations and giving wisdom and a change of perspective to current events. He is also great for making people who are causing disruptions with lies and deceit extremely unwell, which in my honest and humble opinion is great for us LHPers who do not wish to turn the other cheek when our work, our sacrifice and our goodness is taken for granted, thrown in our face, and chewed up by people who only have malice and hate in their hearts. GO Duke Valefor!!!! He can also break loyalties when needed, so be sure you want to use this. I always ask if he can help before enlisting any Demons help in pathwork. I enjoyed my time with Valefor, he is a calm, quiet Demon, who nods patiently and likes to give direct, concise responses to questions and will work with you when your intentions are pure I have found. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. More than happy to help. To answer your questions? Yes, I got my answers very quickly.

Dark Blessings Lucia Belia

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