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The Eye of The Storm So Sayeth Satan

I want to type a duh duh duh here. I was sitting in my meditation for King Paimon after a ritual done for me for purpose, wealth, prosperity, and direction, to increase my psychic gifts to the next level really…When not for the first time for me, or the person whom I trust immensely doing the ritual and the initial consultation, Satan crashed in and spoke to me. He said, LuciaBelia, You have all it takes to Ascent, you have it at your fingertips. You have it in the depths of your soul you have been mine since you were a little girl practicing your craft with chalk and pentagrams and potions on the sidewalk chanting words you did not understand. Harness that power. Project it. You are calm. You are light. You are “evil”. You are the calm before my storm. You are the eye of the storm. You are the light that will bring people to safety and understanding. I knew part of that had deep meaning that would come to light soon. As a person with multiple clair gifts, I knew this was much bigger than I. I never write or record during meditations but I had started to recently after the ritual for hire because I had started to channel, something unusual for me when I am not hired to do an actual reading. (as an example I was in the middle of a conversation with a girl I consider a daughter and I landed in someone’s head looking through their eyes as they drove in their sub-conscious mind feeling and hearing their thoughts because she was lost in thought and as a gifted person herself was asking Satan for help. That was how he chose to help her. SMH. )
I was then told to dictate an agreement between he and I. I did laughing a bit. He had already told me I was going to have to kneel, and be ready to free fall and I knew it was coming in this dictation. My mentor had already told me what to do, he was so excited it was coming. I think he was as excited as I was to hear the news. In this dictation I was told to kneel and say a chant and to give him my site. To give him my time, attention, to fall back freely into the abyss. I was told there would be no one there to catch me, but there would be many there to assist when I landed. I was told it was a lesson in trust. In my ability to be safe. To free fall and land on my feet as I am a God myself I do not need to depend on anyone, but that through connections, through balance, through knowing myself and that through faith and trust that is inherent in me throughout my life, I would be a light for others the calm in their storm. I understood in doing so, he would give me the wisdom I was seeking. He was going to take me to a place I have not experienced before. I was as he said to me that day going to “feast at the table of the few with the many.”
I will not lie. I thirst for power. Power is a commodity you must have to make the world go round. It is a tool to educate, to assist and to help heal. It is a necessity to ascent and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you and themselves. It is the abuse of power that is wrong. It is the one who obsesses about what power can bring them as an individual who wants to stockpile it for a rainy day that are unfortunately wrong.
We as what I call the chosen ones, the enlightened, we must be the eyes of the storm or the actual storm. We have to choose. As the eye of the storm I can choose to be in partnership with the change that is coming of chaos reigning down and the destruction that must come to bring this change. It must happen. Or I can choose to be the light, to bring people to safety, to heal, the port in the storm once they have chosen. It is the balance that is the perfection of being the eye of the storm. The eye blends in harmony with the storm. It flickers in and out of the storm itself knowing when it must be chaos and when it must be calm. Destroying when necessary and healing when required. I was sent something from my mentor he had written years ago. He is the storm and trust me this evil genius is the movement that is the storm. He is the movement. He is the revolution that made it possible for everyone else to continue in his path. He is the storm that will create an army to rise. I found it interesting how I came to find my mentor in the first place. Satan sent me to him. I had ran across his name. I knew I had to reach out to people. I knew I needed a mentor because I was going to cross over from Druid to Satanist slipping over Luciferian very quickly as not for me…I found this person and instantly knew I was going to work with the best because Satan told me I needed to work with him. I was told it was my only choice in the matter and I had better reach out. Reach out now. I was told there was a balance in this that I would come to understand before the new year. Between Asmodeus and Satan I have been pulled in many directions and they were my storm.
I have not had an easy life. I have been to prison, accused of a lot. My character assassinated. I have done a lot. I am not pure lily snow. But I have been through a lot. I have survived because that is what we do. I am a God. We are all Gods and we survive another day. We are battle torn and battle scarred and we live another day. We do our shadow work, we look at what we can do better the next day and we learn. We live and we forgive what we can and we fight back what we must. We maintain balance. As my mentor says. He is the storm. You are the storm. We are the storm. Satan says I am the eye of the storm and the calm before the storm. I believe I am. I believe we all need to prepare ourselves because that storm is coming. What do you do to prepare for the storm? Are you ready for the storm? Is anyone ever ready for the storms that come for them? I would genuinely love to hear feedback. I find it amazing how everything is in perfect timing lately for me and Satan overrides every deity I am trying to work with. I decided I better pay attention and realize the storm is now for me. Because I am creating the chaos of change within me for the barriers must come down, the blocks must be broken and the path must be cleared for me to be the eye of his storm. Welcome, each and everyone of you dearly to my humble home, may you find what you are looking for here.

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