Working With Bune

I recently did a ritual with Bune, and I have to say it was not at all what I was expecting. Coming off of an extensive 6 month Gatekeeper challenge has been to say the least extremely challenging. I have worked almost exclusively with the 9 Demonic Gatekeepers for 6 months, with a few exceptions. I have worked with Choronzon, including 2 possessions, the Dark Goddesses, Kali Ma, Hecate, Pomba Gira and the Orishas of Santeria for a major Protection ritual over Walpurgis Knock.

I recently completed a series of Healing Breath Guided Meditations for the 9 Gatekeepers. I have decided to do the 9 Divine Mothers. I put a lot of thought into which women I was going to incorporate into the series of 9. So many women in the Left Hand Path, and Right Hand Path have been, in my honest opinion, let’s just say overly used and to almost a point of injustice on their point because they are overlooked on their assets and benefits. I decided to go with a group of 9 that have been overlooked, lesser used, and who have contributed greatly, a few that are greatly used but still untapped.

One I used and never worked with was Bune. Before I created her guided meditation, I of course had to do my research, and then did her ritual to approach and get her permission. Do not even ask why a Dark Master of my level who has the Demonic Gatekeepers in and out of her home like a flop house with an open door policy was slightly apprehensive about approaching Bune, but I was. Especially when for 6 months with said Gatekeepers and the bond I have had and familiarity that they have nicknamed me “Buttercup”, not just me, but with the others I work deeply with. As I set up my space in my separate temple, and yes, I have multiple temple areas……I set up her expensive flute of dark Rum, set out her offering of Sandalwood and the Green Candles and started my invocation to this beautiful entity.

I immediately felt this gently connection and was amazed at how connected and at home I felt with her and her connection and in discussing the meditation, its purpose and her place in the meditation. I was pleased she was okay with me wanting to ask multiple favors like a shopping list of petition for myself and my client. I always when summoning favor ask for others as well, and the greater good of others because I do not feel balanced in asking for small things. It is a throwback of my time with Lord Abaddon. He has taught me to think big and to know my worth. Bune was amazing and showed me ways to not only get what I needed accomplished, but to help my client, in thinking outside the box. She reminded me of my month of Mammon working and my time with Mulcifer the architect and I must say it was refreshing to get the feminine perspective and dynamic edge.

Since doing my ritual with Bune only 48 hours ago, I have accomplished so many things. I am a strong believer in empowerment and self discovery, as all Satanist should be, the power and Godhood comes from within, and Bune lit a fire so deep within me, and helped to balance my chakras that I thought were in line. I asked her specifically which Chakra she would like me to work with on the meditation in her honor, because for me, Bune is about all of them. You cannot have wealth, prosperity and abundance without all your chakras being in line, and she confirmed this. The research on line was pointing me to only one chakra and it did not jibe with my soul. Sometimes we have to go against the grain of society and shake things up, and follow our own hearts and souls and intuition and Bune agreed.

My guided meditations are done in energy and recorded as I am speaking to the Goddess/Demon in question. They are then sent off to my sound engineer to be matched to the music that corresponds to the meditation. I have errors on the meditations, there are often times a word mistaken, a misbreath and I intentionally leave those on because it is done in energy and I feel those are there for a reason. As a perfectionist? I struggled at first but my patron, Lucifuge told me to leave the pregnant pause of thought, leave the misspoken word, my energy meant to say or do for a reason and it is not mine to question energy.

Bune said the same thing to me in ritual the other day more or less, that I will know exactly what to do or say when we meet to do her recording, to follow my intuition and to not question the words that come out as I go.

I highly recommend if you have not invoked Bune as of yet, you start. She is kind, she is great for a beginner, and she is easy to approach. I am not saying she is a pushover because she will make you do your work. I am saying her spirit of giving and understanding and perspective comes from a place that fills your soul with a fire that gets the creative sacral chakra going and if you have a goal? She will create what you need done.

Often times people think Magick, especially Demonick Magick is about summoning a Demon, asking for this and then expecting a result. Magick, especially Demonick Magick is about becoming an extension of yourself. You invoke the Demon you are summoning, you manifest it into reality, the Demonic Magick opens the door, it creates the possibility, once you create that magickal possibility, you walk away from it. You pay attention to the possibilities that come into your path and you do the work. If you are asking Bune for increased customers and you sit around waiting for client traffic doing nothing? You did not listen in your ritual to the wisdom she imparted and you did not do your ritual properly, and for me you did not honor your Demon, that is the biggest part of the exchange of service, not the offering, the honoring. Did you take the time to sit in the silence and hear what was being given to you? Did you feel it because some do not have the gift of hearing and you can sit in silence all day and never hear a word, you will feel it, you will know it, deep down, or you will get a flash of vision, of knowledge spread into your being. That is when you know your ritual is over. It is over when you know your path. It can be 5 minutes or 5 hours.

It is never the Demon not connecting with you, it is you not connecting. If you cannot feel, cannot hear and cannot know? Use a pendulum. If that doesn’t work for you? Hire someone to help because you are not ready to practice magick without the ability to interact with a Demon, Spirit Guide, Orisha, Goddess, whatever it is you are trying to summon. I do not personally believe you can create the Clair gifts. You are either born with them or you are not. Some people say you can, and if you are one of the believers who feel you can develop psychic ability, good luck. I do believe you can develop what you have as a muscle and go from there.

Everyone has a gift of some sort, some are artists, some are business savvy, some are technical genius, some are psychic. If everyone was the same, the world would not go round. I am a healer, a protector of the mundane and the Magickal realm, and the Gatekeepers have tasked me with keeping a safe space in between for those of all races, creeds, colors, and spiritual beliefs can come, feel safe in expressing their pain and get help. I, as a Theistic Satanist with all the Clair gifts will give that help, using the Magickal system of my choice and I will tell you this…..Bune and I will continue to work and grow together as time moves on. She is an amazing and dynamic Demon who is greatly overlooked, underutilized and when I am writing my next book, Finding the healer within? She will be a big part of that book I believe.

Thank you Bune, for your gift, for becoming a part of my 9 Divine Mothers Series, and for giving me wisdom and creativity for myself, and my clients to put myself and them onto a wiser, more productive path.

Blessings and Darkest Light

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